Thursday, August 14, 2008

One Year Together

Jewelly and I celebrated one year together on August 3rd. What a great year it has been. The Lord has blessed us tremendously. We celebrated our anniversary with a trip up the Pacific Coast Highway to San Luis Obispo. We stayed in a cute place called the Apple Farm Inn. I highly recommend it. They have a cider mill on sight and they would bring out cider and fresh baked cookies each night at 7:00pm. We sipped hot cider and played a game of checkers in the lobby. We also drove up to San Simeon and took a tour of Hearst Castle. We were amazed at the beauty and the magnitude of the castle as a whole, but more so than that, we were in awe of each individual pillar, statue, piece of furniture, carved ceiling, painting, and tapestry that he had brought in from all over the world. There is more history and culture represented there than in any museum I have ever been in. After leaving Hearst Castle we drove a few miles further to visit the Elephant Seals hanging out on the beach. Another reminder of God's great handiwork.

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The Crecelius' said...

Oh geez...that looks like so much fun...I am jealous!! I totally want to go to Hurst Castle..It looks like it would be amazing to see....maybe next year. I am so glad that you two were able to go away for your anniversary...what a blast and something you will remember forever. Time flies...I can't believe it has already been a amazing.