Friday, June 20, 2014

Problem Solved!

Frustration is often the launching pad for new inventions. I have been frustrated for months. What is so frustrating? Tooth brush organization. Can you believe it. One of my biggest pet peeves this year has to do with our medicine cabinets and tooth brush storage. In our family, we each use an electric tooth brush. These things are thin on top, bulky at the bottom and it seems that they are designed to stand upright. The problem is they are long and light, so one little bump and over it falls, hitting another toothbrush and then the toothpaste. Ultimately, two brushes and the toothpaste end up falling out of the cabinet and onto the counter. This occurs at least three times a week. As a result, I got fed up and decided to try my hand at being crafty. A trip to Michael's, a few magnets, a few strips of stretchy material, twenty minutes of work, and voila...problem solved!

Monday, June 16, 2014


Thank you dad! A phrase that’s seldom heard,
Only begins to say what I really feel inside.

Your love for me has led me to be who I am today.
And having you as a father fills my heart with pride.

You have done so many things for me.
I can’t begin to remember them all.

But here are a few of my favorite memories
Out of the many that I can recall.

Thank you dad, for taking me to church
In Romeo, where I first got saved.

And thanks for helping me build stock cars
And taking me camping with Boys Brigade.

When I was small, you’d bounce me on your knee
Thanks Dad, for always being there for me.

Thanks for helping me take my first ride
And when the bike crashed, you were there by my side.

Thanks for taking me to Little League.
And thanks for all the Dairy Queen.

Thanks for teaching me to bait my hook
And to clean a fish so it can be cooked.

And thanks for your patience, for goodness sake
I threw two poles in Houghton Lake.

But at the bottom of that lake
Are memories I’ll never forsake.

For you taught me something that will always last.
I was more important to you than the poles I cast.

And thanks for protecting me when I was young
When I didn’t know the difference between danger and fun.

But, I’ll never forget, Dad, the motor-bike
That you got for me when the time was right.

And thanks for all your help along the way
With school and cars and bills you paid.

There’s so much that I have to be grateful for
So let me tell you about just one more.

Thank you, Dad, for loving Mom all these years
Through all the laughter and through all the tears.

Dad, It isn’t always easy to see,
But by loving her, you were loving me.

So, Dad, I hope that you can see
How much you really mean to me.

Thanks for all the time you’ve shared
And all the ways you’ve shown you’ve cared

And so right now, it makes me glad
To say it again,

 “Thank you, Dad!”