Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

This weekend was everything a weekend should be. Time together, time with family, time with friends; resting, working, accomplishing, playing. It's times like these I remember how completely blessed I am to live the life I do.

Saturday evening we had a wonderful dinner and game night with our good friends April and David and Kim and Brandon. Thanks for an awesome evening guys! We had a great time!

This afternoon we took a picnic to the park and enjoyed fellowship in the beauty of God's creation. As we were talking Brian brought up an interesting thought. In our society we have built up so much land, destroying the natural beauty of the earth; yet everywhere you go people have intentionally maintained plots of land, parks, where we can go to relax and soak up the beauty that once was. He mused that perhaps our need for parks is related to our desire for what was lost in Eden, an attempt to attain what once was, but is now lost. We were created to live in the center of God's glorious creation--to tend it and enjoy it. So next time you see a park, think about the garden of Eden and look forward to heaven when we will be again in the center of God's creation as He intended it to be.

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Sara Warren said...

As soon as I saw your e-mail with the websites, I clicked on yours and got all caught up! Great pics! Looks like life is treating you fabulously! I plan to check in often now that I have your link! :o)

Great to see you yesterday!