Monday, July 28, 2008

Crash Test Dummies

Jewelly and I are starting to feel a bit like crash test dummies. Sunday evening, while at the Costco gas station, my car got hit again. A big truck tried pulling past me as I was starting to put my credit card in the machine. He turned a little early and clipped my front left bumper. I didn't even notice that it happened until Jewelly jumped out of the car. That is the second time my car has been hit this year. Jewelly's car has been hit 3 times. Between the two of us that makes 5 accidents in one year. Two of them were hit and runs (while the cars were parked in parking lots. Two were due to other people running into us while we were present. One was kind-a-sorta our fault, but both cars were backing up at the same time out of parking spaces, so it doesn't really count, right!!! Thank you Lord, for teaching us humility and for helping us not put too much value on our cars. Help us use our cars as tools to build your Kingdom. Amen!

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