Friday, June 20, 2014

Problem Solved!

Frustration is often the launching pad for new inventions. I have been frustrated for months. What is so frustrating? Tooth brush organization. Can you believe it. One of my biggest pet peeves this year has to do with our medicine cabinets and tooth brush storage. In our family, we each use an electric tooth brush. These things are thin on top, bulky at the bottom and it seems that they are designed to stand upright. The problem is they are long and light, so one little bump and over it falls, hitting another toothbrush and then the toothpaste. Ultimately, two brushes and the toothpaste end up falling out of the cabinet and onto the counter. This occurs at least three times a week. As a result, I got fed up and decided to try my hand at being crafty. A trip to Michael's, a few magnets, a few strips of stretchy material, twenty minutes of work, and voila...problem solved!

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Jeanette said...

Great idea, Brian!