Saturday, August 8, 2009

First Bath Mishap

Kaiden received his first bath yesterday. He did really well with it. He sat there quietly while we got him all cleaned up. When he was finished, we wrapped him in his hooded towel to dry him off and warm him up. Being new parents and all, we were enjoying the moments, taking it all in. We were so enamored by his cuteness that we lingered in getting him to where he needed to his diaper. As soon as he was dry and laying quietly in Jewelly's arms, we heard a noise that caused the proverbial "uh-oh!" Sure enough...big yellow stain on the white towel. Being the smart parents we are, we rushed him over to the diaper caddy to get him set up. The towel was removed, legs were lifted, diaper put under him guessed it. He peed all over himself. Kaiden did not seem to enjoy round two in the bath so much. But, Jewelly and I got some valuable training and learned the art of quick change.

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Sara Warren said...

Parenting is an adventure, to say the least.

He is soooo precious!