Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Monday!

My last week of work has finally come! It's hard to believe that starting next week I won't sit at my desk Monday mornings wishing for just one more day of weekend. I'm trying to picture what it will be like to trade scheduling and meetings for housework and playdates. Not too hard to imagine...I've longed for this for years! I can't wait to have time to make breakfast for Brian and pack him a lunch - what a reverse, he's usually the one doing this for me now! I'm overjoyed with the anticipation of sitting on the couch nursing Kaiden, taking him and Macchiatio for walks around the neighborhood, meeting up with Chelle for mommy time, or showing up at Brian's school just to have a surprise lunch. Just one more week of corporate life, then bliss!

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BrooksFamily said...

Enjoy and get some rest while you can :)