Friday, June 26, 2009

Class of Three

I am sitting at the computer while my students are working on homework. A third of my class is missing today. Lest you think that is a lot, it is only one student. I have been blessed with only three students to work with for three weeks of summer school. I must say it is the quietest, hardest working class I have ever had. What a blessing. I will be back to a normal summer school class with about seventeen students for the second semester, but for now, I am enjoying the laid back atmosphere in my class of three :)


BrooksFamily said...

where have I been and how did I not know you taught? Getting a job in summer school around here is near wonderful it would be with the smaller classes though (and not 25-30 students!!)

The Harts said...

It's actually Brian who teaches :-) He teaches at a small private school, hence the small summer school class. But now he's in second session and has a class of 21, so don't be too jealous.