Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Weekend in San Diego

Saturday, January 3rd, Jewelly and I headed to San Diego for the weekend. We spent the day at the San Diego Zoo. Talk about the amazing handi-work of God! The zoo is well know for its size and the diversity of animals they have from all over the world. We loved seeing all the animals. Besides the familiar favorites, there were a few that were unique to us. We really enjoyed the wombat and the snake neck turtle. You can see them in the pictures below.
After the zoo we headed to the Westin Hotel where we ordered room service and enjoyed a quiet evening. We were up on the 21st floor and had quite a view of the city. I suggest staying at the Westin if only for the purpose of ordering their Chocolate Bombay. It was delicious!
Sunday morning we went to Skyline Church in La Mesa. Jim Garlow is the senior pastor there. I had taken a class taught by him at Indiana Wesleyan University years back. He also spoke at a leadership conference at my old church. It was good to see him again. (Matt, remember when we picked him up from Detroit Metro Airport in the dead of winter in your car with no heat??? Good times :)

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The Crecelius' said...

oh it looked like so much fun and the pics are amazing!!! Sounds fun getting to stay at the westin...what a wonderful treat. Glad to hear your weekend was a blast.