Saturday, April 26, 2008

Reminiscing about our Engagement

So far it has been an amazing nine months. As our one year anniversary approaches we have been reminiscing about our engagement and how much fun we had. I sent Jewelly on a scavenger hunt to a few locations that had special meaning to us. I gave her clues that were put inside little smiley face eggs. The first clue took her to a terrace on a hill where we had thought about having a wedding reception. Her dad and one of her brothers were waiting for her with the next clue. That clue took her to Yogurtland, the place where it all started for us. Two of her other siblings were waiting for her there. The next clue took her to a park on a hill where a few months earlier she had given me her first kiss. It was there that she caught up with me for the last clue. You have to watch the slideshow to see what happened next.

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