Sunday, April 20, 2008

Are you done yet???

As you may know Brian is currently working on his Masters in Apologetics. Going into this weekend he had to finish reading his fourth book of the semester, write a book report, and complete a question set consisting of eight questions, each three to four paragraphs in lenght. By the grace of God he finished all of it and we still got to spend some time together.

One of the highlights of our weekend was going to pick up our wedding album today. Yes, you read that correctly, we have been married for almost nine months and we just got our wedding album...better late than never, right? It turned out beautiful and make me excited to print more pictures from our wedding and hang them in our house! The other fun thing we did today while out in Glendora picking up our album was visit some model homes. Though they are way out of our range, which at the moment is the apartment we are in, we had fun dreaming!

Here are some pics of Brian working on his school stuff. I got a little bored this evening! =)


The Crecelius' said...

Oh I can't wait to see your wedding album, your photographer was amazing so I am sure it is outstanding. When me and Kyle were dating we always went new home shopping and went through all the models...super fun!

Sara Loveridge said...

Brian - Congrats on working towards your Masters Degree. I just completed mine this past month and can I say OY!!!!!! Talk about stress! Hope yours is going swell!

Love and miss you, can't wait to meet Jewelly sometime soon????