Saturday, October 4, 2008

Rejoicing and Praying

We just found out that our dear friends, Michael and Abby Clark, welcomed their little baby girl Kate Elise into the world this past Thursday evening, 7.5 weeks early! Both Abby and Kate are doing well, but they have quite the journey ahead of them. Kate came into the world 3 lbs 11 oz and 17 inches - a beautiful, tiny girl!

Would you please join us as we rejoice in the Lord's goodness in providing Kate's safe passage into the world. Also, pray with us that He would continue to work in this situation to His glory as Kate grows and thrives in the coming weeks, as Abby heals from the emergency C-section, and as Michael, Abby and Kate adjust to life together.

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Sara Warren said...

WOW! That is quite early and a whole pound lighter than Abs was. I can only imagine that this is a very trying time for them. I will keep them in our prayers. The plus is that preemie girls do better than boys.