Friday, May 9, 2008


Thank you all for keeping Tom and our family in your prayers these past few days. The surgery went well. It ended up being more extensive than the doctor had hoped...they had to make a third incision in his back along with the two on his chest and neck. The surgery was originally supposed to be 5 hours, but it ended up being close to 8. Needless to say Tuesday was a very long day for the entire family. We were all at the hospital more than 14 hours!

These past few days have been very important as the medical team has been working on regulating Tom's pain and ensuring that his oxygen and blood levels return to healthy ranges. The doctor placed him in ICU Tuesday for observation and as far as we know he is still there. This is not indicative that he is in critical condition, the doctor just wants to be extra cautious given the state of Tom's lungs (from emphysema) and risk of pneumonia if his breathing is not as it should be.

Brian and I are back in California now. We are checking in with his mom, Judy, daily and will try to keep the blog updated. We really do appreciate your prayers as we continue to trust and seek the Lord through this.


The Crecelius' said...

that is a bummer that it was more intense then they thought, however I am glad they were able to do the surgery. We will totally keep him in our prayers...Much love to you two.

Jeanette said...

Hey guys. Judy told me that you had a blog so I thought I would check it out! Tom is doing good and maybe today they will move him into a regular room, though, really the ICU room is probably much nicer! It was nice to see you Brian and nice to meet you Jewelly and we look forward to seeing you at Janeen's wedding! Check out my blog when you get a chance. I have a lot of fun with it!